Who Says Girls Aren’t Good At Math? Emmy Noether Begs To Differ.

Let’s face it, girls aren’t good at math. Agreed? This is another conversation thread from the Health, Science & Faith facebook forum.

Cynthia McLaughlin Roberts the only ones that say girls aren’t good at math are the ones that never had to ask one for help in that class. i don’t LIKE math, but i could do it very well. some of the equations that others had to put on paper, i did in my head. sometimes the teachers would mark me off on a test because i would do the equations in my head instead of writing it down. i finally learned that i had to show them the steps i did in my head to prove i knew what i was doing.

Caz French I’m afraid I’m one of the ‘assumed’. Advanced classes for everything else at school, an embarrassingly low aptitude for maths. Great to see ladies like her bringing the female ‘average’ up :-)

Cynthia McLaughlin Roberts it is possible to have females good at math. the way to do that is 1) never tell her that she can’t be good at it, 2) teach her early about shapes, counting, patterns, and other early math lessons. math STARTS with pattern recognition and shape recognition, then progresses to counting (a type of pattern), addition, subtraction, and progresses further as we all know. so when a child is a toddler, play with shapes and patterns (series, like 2 blues followed by a yellow and repeating). get them tapes of shows like ‘team oomie zoomie’ from nick jr  and watch them with the child. interact with the show when it asks a question about which comes next or what is the correct shape. this will start a good basis for math.

Cynthia McLaughlin Roberts the only thing i say (to my children about my math skills) is that it has been so long, i have forgotten most of the things i would need to do the math. HOWEVER, I’m quite good at addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. i can do quite a few equations in my head (can multiply 2 two digit numbers fairly easily). however, i haven’t practiced most of the stuff needed for geometry or even complex algebraic equations in more than 32 years. i can do simple equations….would need a refresher course to do the rest.

Jean Cochran Jensen Bob, my husband, retired as Econ/statistics professor. Yesterday, he was thrilled to review some stat stuff with our MBA retirement consultant at our annual meeting. He seldom forgets anything to do with math because he loves it so much. In spite of many years of math classes, I don’t use and then lose the “higher” stuff. Even present values, which I used a lot at work, are now fading into the past. But mechanical computations may leave us and we still recognize the concepts. Enough for now for me!

Website administrator’s note: this could have led to a very interesting discussion regarding innate differences or tendencies in the sexes from birth, and as a matter of fact, I believe I will start a discussion about this very thing in the near future on the Health, Science & Faith forum.

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