Self Medicating with Cannabis for Fibromyalgia is Common

Another conversation from the Health, Science & Faith forum on Facebook, regarding a Canadian study reporting that one in eight people with fibromyalgia self-medicates with cannabis.

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Trevor HappyFeet Martin I have a friend who used it to help with symptoms, but found it was helpful in the short-term and counter-productive overall. It reduced the quality of restorative sleep and tended to increase problems the following day(s). So, she rarely uses it now.

Sherry Spruill Young I don’t use anything for it but ibuprofen, got myself off the tramadol a few years back. Some days I would kill for a few tramadol. I do have friends who have used cannabis for their pain conditions, and most say it helped them get off opioids. Never have tried it myself, but if we can pass the medical marijuana bill currently working in my state, I’d certainly *try* it. Far more natural a remedy than a bunch of chemical compounds compressed into a little white pill. And probably better for my system than the 800 mgs of ibuprofen I take several times a day.

Jeanie Nicolson Isn’t there a danger with too much ibuprofen for liver damage…just asking… my sister suffers from fibromyalgia and my mother suffered from polymyalgia rhuematica and had to take large doses ofoi!

Sherry Spruill Young Yeah, most medications are metabolized through the liver. The danger is very real. I know I’m harming myself, but living with pain 24/7 is unavoidable. See, i also have ankylosing spondylitis. It’s a painful, degenerative spinal disease. So with that, plus fibro, I’m pretty much in constant pain. I went to the doctor for the first time in 3 years last month begging for muscle relaxers, and he wouldn’t even give me that. You’d have thought I was asking for oxy or something the way I was treated! People who live in chronic pain can’t get medications they actually need because of people who don’t need them! The tri county drug task force just last week busted 24 people in the next town over, and 10 in the one on the other side of me. My own neighbor went scrapping with some friends, and had to sit in the truck for 3 hours while these two buddies of his went into a hospital complaining of knee pain and trying to get pills. They both walked out with prescriptions for non-narcotic pain relievers, and tore their prescriptions up. So for many people, the only choices are buy pills on the street at 10 bucks a pop, or buy a joint for the same price as a pill. Because you sure can’t get pain pills from a doctor anymore.

Jeanie Nicolson There has been a huge crackdown on “doctor shopping” here as well… its sad that pharmacuetical companies are so rich but people with real pain still suffer! 

Sherry Spruill Young We do. I don’t want to go back to opioids because in my opinion they’re more dangerous than ibuprofen. And tramadol is probably the weakest of all of them, not even scheduled in many states, but it is in mine. I know how hard it was to wean off them after 8 years, I can’t imagine what those people who are hooked on stronger stuff go through when they can’t get it.

Jean Cochran Jensen Some of you might find this 2012 Pulitzer prize-winning series by the Seattle Times on the politics of pain an interesting series. Laws are changing here since this series earlier this year.

Article on the Politics of Methadone

Original Article that started this thread


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