Slime Molds – Smarter Than A Roomful of Engineers

Slime Molds!

These self-organizing systems are an ‘invisible’ testimony to the existence of God. (This post is one of several that has been ported over from the Health, Science & Faith forum on facebook.) Check out the link below for a truly fascinating look at these incredibly simplistic little organisms that exhibit an uncanny ability to solve extremely difficult mazes.

Gentry Yeatman Freaky. How can a colony of one-celled organisms find its way through a maze without mistakes? We can’t do that! But we aren’t nearly as slimy.

Jean Hall Cryer Did you know that Japanese civil engineers painstakingly analyzed for years how to build the most efficient subway system throughout Tokyo? When they finally came to a conclusion and built it, it truly was the most efficient in the world. Scientists put slime mold on a sheet with food arranged in the same configuration as Tokyo and its surrounding communities and the slime mold came up with an identical configuration that the Japanese did… Only it took minutes instead of years.

Here’s a little more on how engineers are looking forward to using slime mold:

Gentry Yeatman: I can see the headlines now. Primordial slime designs the shortest way through space and time

Jean Cochran Jensen Guess the budget cutters might want to fire some engineers and hire slime mold to design highways. :-)

Jean Hall Cryer This one-called organism does what took me 4 months to learn in my quantitative analysis class!

Gentry Yeatman How can a group of brainless one celled animals be more organized than a human-based system. Do they have a leader amoeba?

Jean Hall Cryer They have no government!

From the Health Science & Faith Forum.

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