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Royalty Free Music from Steve Millikan on Audiojungle

I’ve just started uploading music to Audiojungle, a premier royalty-free music site that is quite popular – check out my portfolio!  I’m in the process of creating more music as we speak for my Audiojungle profile; I expect to have … Continue reading

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What A Beautiful World Wide Web Of Confusion…

If you Google Wedding Music Samples you’ll see

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Hi. My Name Is Steve, & I’m A Song Snob PART 2.

I wrote some very average lyrics in the 1970′s, to put it charitably

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Slime Molds – Smarter Than A Roomful of Engineers

Slime Molds!

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The Creation Museum Evolves

If you’re 100% convinced the earth is young

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The Universe is 14 Billion Years Old, Or Younger. Seriously.

I barely made it through physics. I am a musician, for crying out loud. But I am entranced, bewildered and mesmerized

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Hi. My Name Is Steve, And I’m A Song Snob.

There, I said it. I think a lot of people suspected I was, but it’s somewhat cathartic

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Wedding Music Project Update – Wedding Music Samples Album & More

Our wedding music website is seeing some nice increases in traffic, and sales are improving. One of the areas we’ve been focusing on is Wedding Music Samples

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Self Medicating with Cannabis for Fibromyalgia is Common

Another conversation from the Health, Science & Faith forum

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Recovering Catholics Discover A Personal Relationship With Jesus

“Recovering Catholics” Discover What It Means

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Forget The Church, Follow Jesus: The Gospel According to Andrew Sullivan

“Forget The Church, Follow Jesus” by Andrew Sullivan is the featured cover story on the latest issue of Newsweek.  He begins by revisiting Thomas Jefferson’s shredding of the Bible

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I’ve Been Talking with Atheists & Agnostics Lately

The last few months I’ve ventured onto some atheist & agnostic forums

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Who Says Girls Aren’t Good At Math? Emmy Noether Begs To Differ.

Let’s face it, girls aren’t good at math. Agreed?

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The Millikan Male Trio Debut

The Millikan Male trio have released their first single – Beautiful Dreamer, a charming

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Worship Leaders: Our Songs Aren’t Good Enough

I’m not a full time worship pastor, and as such I don’t typically begin the song selection process for the following Sunday until mid-week. But when I do look at the list of possible candidates, I’m frustrated

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