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Hi. My Name Is Steve, & I’m A Song Snob PART 2.

I wrote some very average lyrics in the 1970′s, to put it charitably

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The Universe is 14 Billion Years Old, Or Younger. Seriously.

I barely made it through physics. I am a musician, for crying out loud. But I am entranced, bewildered and mesmerized

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Recovering Catholics Discover A Personal Relationship With Jesus

“Recovering Catholics” Discover What It Means

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Forget The Church, Follow Jesus: The Gospel According to Andrew Sullivan

“Forget The Church, Follow Jesus” by Andrew Sullivan is the featured cover story on the latest issue of Newsweek.  He begins by revisiting Thomas Jefferson’s shredding of the Bible

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I’ve Been Talking with Atheists & Agnostics Lately

The last few months I’ve ventured onto some atheist & agnostic forums

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William Lane Craig vs Richard Dawkins – The Debate That Wasn’t

During his tour of the U.K. this fall (2011), William Lane Craig, arguably the foremost Christian apologist and debater representing Christian Theism, has been seeking opponents.  He has few takers.  Notably, Richard Dawkins

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Ave Maria – looking for alternate lyrics

Looking for help finding alternate lyrics that were written for Ave Maria.

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Monkeys Not Typing Fast Enough (Need More Monkeys Too)

You’ve heard of the Multiple Monkeys Theorem. Let’s shed some light on this idea that a bunch of monkeys typing for a long time, say the outside age of the universe, will produce all the works of Shakespeare.

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