Home Movies. Seriously, I Have To Show You My Kids.

Wait, there’s no movie. But since you clicked, I might as well tell you I have 4 kids.

Emily, our oldest, born 1980 in Xenia, Ohio. Loves writing, has her Masters in Creative Writing Non-Fiction. Lives near Rockport, MA. I really must visit, Mary tells me it’s very charming, and Emily tells me it’s lonesome when no one will come visit her.

Elizabeth, born 1982. Lives in Ukraine; her heart and soul is being poured into older orphan kids in Zhytomyr. She is part of Last Bell, rescuing kids that otherwise face almost insurmountable odds. She has an infectious sense of humor and is tougher than nails.

Jesse, born 1984. Lives in Carmel and is a computer programmer and some other related stuff which words will not stay in my brain. Juggles voraciously, while riding a unicycle at times. Coming to a parade near you. Taking another stab at the piano, which gladdens the heart of dad. Currently a board game aficionado.

Luke, born 1990. Adopted from Kiev, Ukraine. He’s been back many times, and loves his heritage. Just finished two years at Word Of Life in Schroon Lake and is presently mowing our lawn, in between his shifts at Fairfield Inn in Noblesville, Indiana. Organized, thoughtful, relational, did I mention organized, bet our garage looks better than yours. Luke is planning to continue his education, possibly at Southwestern Theological Seminary.

One Response to Home Movies. Seriously, I Have To Show You My Kids.

  1. Carmen Carrion says:

    Wait until you have grandkids – you’ll get those movies put on here. :)

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